Barn at Oak Ridge Wedding

To say that I was super excited for James and Sara’s wedding day at the Barn at Oak Ridge would be an understatement! I knew Sara and her family from high school (when I made the crazy decision to join a softball team my senior year. Not something I suggest if you have zero experience).

How beautiful is the Barn at Oak Ridge? Endless photo opportunities!

I told Sara how funny I thought it was that she did her own makeup and then went straight to her sister, Emma, to do hers!

Bridesmaids need their fuel for the wedding day just like everyone else….

A penny for good luck! This penny stuck with Sara through her whole wedding day in her boot!

Getting all gussied up on your wedding day can be stressful. You might feel rushed, no one tells you how long it actually takes to get in that beautiful dress in full hair and makeup!

It was so sweet to see that Sara and her mom, Stacey, kept this part of the wedding process just between mother and daughter.

I have to hold back all the happy tears when I photograph first looks with dads.

I LOVE when couples have a sweet little moment together before the ceremony. Being more traditional myself, I’m a huge fan of what Sara and James did. They both wrote letters to one another and read them together before the ceremony. James didn’t even see the hem of her dress!

To all the brides out there…You want a flower girl that looks at you like this on your wedding day!

I have never had to hold back my laugher during a ceremony. Not until this little ring bearer was getting a little nosey!

The excitement and pure joy James felt as his bride walked down the aisle was contagious!

I had to share a few of the sweetest family portraits because of how much I got to know them over the time leading up to wedding. They welcomed me into their home (Stacey, my goal is to one day be able to have a house as beautifully decorated as yours!) and they became so much more than clients. They are truly an amazing family and I’m so happy to say that we’re friends!

Also, I couldn’t help but share these. How sweet is this family!?

The Barn at Oak Ridge is beautiful, but the owner did something for Sara that isn’t typically. He pulled one of the horses out of the field so we could get a few shots with him. He said Sara was the only bride he would ever do that for, because just a few short months before the wedding that horse, Gunner, was Sara’s! Sara needed to sell her horse before getting married and her venue bought it! Sara’s horse was able to be there for one of the biggest days of her life.

One of the sweetest cakes at a wedding to date, and I don’t mean the taste! James’ grandma made the wedding cake!

Reception games! How do you feel about them? I love them! The shoe game is a classic and a crowd favorite.

Sara and James had a bubbly exit to end their wedding at the Barn at Oak Ridge.

It’s clear to see the time and heart that put into the planning of this wedding. Here’s all the vendors that made all of James and Sara’s dreams come true!

Venue: The Barn at Oak Ridge
DJ: Hear 4 Your Entertainment
Flowers: Thistle Dew Nicely
Catering: Judges BBQ
Dress: David’s Bridal
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Azazi
Hair: Clowee Younce
Groom & Groomsmen’s Attire: Men’s Warehouse & Buckle
Rings: Jewelry Exchange
Invites: Hen and Chicken Paper
Photography: Darbey Delaney Photography

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